It’s been just four days since the public could get their hands on Safari for Windows.  Ryan reviewed Safari earlier this week and noted the features that it has to offer, as well as some of its shortcomings including security concerns.

Yesterday Apple announced that during the first 48 hours since it was available, more than 1 million copies of Safari were downloaded. That is pretty impressive considering some of the bad rap that it’s gotten. Perhaps it’s because this was an unexpected move from Apple which generated a lot of buzz, and so everybody wanted to check it out to see what it’s all about?

Apple sounded pretty happy with the number of downloads, but I’m not sure whether that number is a good or bad thing. There have been many problems with it already, and now one million people have already formed their opinion of the browser and may not be willing to go back and try it again after Apple corrects the problems and releases it out of beta.

I’m sure there are also many curious developers who wanted to get their hands on it, which is beneficial to Apple anyways. The more developers that start working with it, the more applications we’ll see made available for the iPhone which Apple is betting on to be the breadwinner.

Apple has already released an updated version, Beta 3.0.1. that includes security improvements. If you haven’t yet downloaded it, or you’d like to get the updated version, you can download that here. (Thanks for the tip Cory!)