live search cashback ad.jpgThis is pretty big news coming from eBay and Microsoft. Remember just a few weeks ago when we wrote about Microsoft forking out money to lure in search users with their new program called Cashback? Well now they’ve partnered with eBay to offer the same cashback rewards to buyers on eBay who use the “Buy it Now” option after clicking on an eBay paid search advertisement.

We decided to try this out so we went to (not the Cashback site) and performed a search for “Razr” as in Motorola Razr. When the results appeared, to the right was an eBay advertisement (the ad can also appear above the search box) with the LiveSearch logo, as shown above. Once we clicked on it, we were taken to eBay and a list of Razr listings were displayed. Note: If you were directed to eBay after clicking on a Cashback ad, you’ll see the logo at the top of the page.

cashback on ebay.jpg

Once you click on any of the Buy-It-Now listings, you’ll see a box which shows you what your rewards would be if you make the purchase (shown below). One thing to keep in mind is that just because you search for Razr does not mean when you click on the ad, that you have to purchase a Razr phone to get the rewards. You can start searching eBay for other items and you’ll get the same offer of 10% off eligible items. Remember, to get this discount you have to look for and then click the eBay ad with the Live Search Cashback logo on it. You’ll have to get creative and think of popular items that you could search for at to try and get the eBay ad to appear. iPhone, Razr, and Playstation 3 all worked for us.

ebay confirm cashback.jpg

Now before you run off to do this, we just wanted to point out the terms and conditions. First, this is available only in the United States (sorry guys!). Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to make your Buy-It-Now purchase within 60 minutes of clicking on the ad, otherwise it won’t work. They say that the rewards will be applied only to “the first eligible item” that you decide to buy. You also have to pay for the item using PayPal and it’ll take about 60 days to get our cashback reward from Microsoft. You’ll be able to get cashback rewards from shopping at eBay up to three times.

[via Mashable]