1000's Of Free Web Site Templates

Back in March I wrote about a site called OpenWebDesign.org which offered a lot of open source Web site templates. The templates are a great starting place for anyone creating a Web site. Now there are two more great sites that have emerged that also offer some free alternatives.

TemplatesBox.com has a nice variety of free templates as well as some premium templates that you can pay for. Not only do they have the standard HTML templates for free but they also have a selection of free Flash templates. They don’t seem to offer the thousands that some of the open source sites do but it is definitely a bonus to get the Flash templates.

OSWD.org (Open Source Web Design) currently has 1,688 open source templates to choose from. They have a search feature available to quickly find a specific design, but I have a feeling that if you are looking for templates then you are going to just start browsing. If you want to see the most popular designs then just sort the templates by the most downloaded and start looking for the one that catches your eye.

I hope that may make your design process a little easier by giving you a jump start. I have used the open source templates before but I often just use them as a starting point. Most of the time I have good luck with finding ones that are properly coded so that they are easy to follow and edit myself. Even though you may not need them now you might want to bookmark the sites because it will only be a matter of time before you will scouring the Web looking for sites just like these.