Aurora Browser

Creating a web browser is no easy task which is why great browsers like Firefox and Opera demand the work of large teams. It would be inconceivable for many of us to start from scratch and develop our own browser but one 12 year old has done it.

This browser is programmed in C# and supposedly consists of more than 20,000 lines of code. It is called the AuroraBrowser and on the kid’s website it says that it “will be the fastest web browser in the world!” I’m not saying that it is impossible I just think that if he is going to hype that then it better be true, and have the benchmarks to back it up.

The project is currently 88% complete but he is looking for some beta testers to find any bugs that may be in the program before it is released. I signed up and I would love to see what the browser is all about because the screenshots look impressive. Some people say that it would be easy to create a browser from C# since you can just embed Internet Explorer, but I don’t understand why he would have needed 20,000 lines of code if he just used the IE engine so I say that he really started from scratch.

There are several screenshots posted in case you want to see what some of the features look like, such as the tabs. The user interface is very well designed in my opinion and I especially love how it is adapted to the Windows Vista interface.

News Source: Alfred Thompson [via Digg]