office 2007 bank.pngIt was just last week that Microsoft said that 180 million licenses of Vista have been shipped since its release, and now we finally have an update on Microsoft Office 2007’s standings. According to Microsoft Watch there have been 120 million licenses of Office 2007 shipped, which is actually rather impressive.

If you think about it almost all new computers are shipping with Windows Vista, and Microsoft is undoubtedly including that in the 180 million number they’ve been throwing out. The full version of Office 2007, on the other hand, is never included on a new computer unless the user has purchased it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Office 2007 is being used by more people than Vista judging by all of the people who’ve said they are downgrading to XP.

What makes this even more intriguing was that Office 2007 (called Office 12 at the time) was supposed to be a Vista-only release (called Longhorn at the time). I’d be interested to know exactly what the OS breakdown is for users running Office 2007, but it wouldn’t be the least bit surprising if a majority of them are running XP. After all, deploying a new version of Office is a lot easier than deploying a new version of Windows. So it looks like Microsoft was smart for making Office 2007 compatible with XP.

Personally I love the new Office 2007, and generally everyone that I talk to feels the same way. The revamped interface takes a little getting used to, but in the end you’ll find yourself using more features than you ever did in previous versions of Office. Even sites like Newegg and Amazon are boasting 4 out of 5 stars from hundreds of customer reviews for the Home/Student edition. Plus the new Microsoft Equipt subscriptions will probably help sell even more copies of the Office suite.

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