Optimus Keyboard

Okay, so the other day we went over all of the features that had been changed since the original concept of the Optimus keyboard had been revealed. The latest feature that they removed was the color keys and they were being replaced with black & white ones since, according to them, that is suitable for 95% of all tasks.

The Optimus blog just commented on how disappointing it was to read all of the negative opinions on that posting but they then go on to reveal the price of the keyboard…read for yourself:

I’m incredibly happy with all the sarcasm and critique my previous post is getting. Nothing inspires me more than tons of negative opinions.

I like people to know how something is being developed and how things are changing on the fly.

By the way, on December 12 we are going to accept only 103 pre-orders at a price of US$1200 with a shipping date about May 2007. Later on we’ll start accepting more pre-orders at sub-1000 price with a shipping date around September 2007.

I am having a hard time determining whether that is some sort of joke or if that is for real! All along they have been referring to the keyboard as costing about the same price as a good mobile phone but the last time I checked my phone wasn’t gold-plated. Come on…$1200 does not seem worth it for a keyboard!

So I guess it is down to one thing now…will you buy a keyboard or a computer, but I don’t think you can afford both!