Monster logoThe Washington Post says it best when they say, “Would you like a job with that virus?” is known as one of the leading job search engines on the web where people go to find the perfect job. Unfortunately over the last several weeks, those who posted resumes got more than they bargained for and had more than just potential employers looking at their personal information due to malicious ads.

Originally it was reported that over 46,000 people were affected by “tainted advertisements,” but now that number has gone up to over 1.6 million records that were stolen. Symantec security analyst Amado Hidalgo says the new Trojan hose involved is called Infostealer.Monstres. In some situations, users had to click on an ad before the trojan horse went to work, in other situations, the user would just have to view the page displaying the ad.

Hidalgo also said “such a large database of highly personal information is a spammer’s dream. In fact, that’s exactly what the attackers are using their newly-acquired data for. The attackers first gather email addresses and other personal information from resumes posted to and then next they will try to infect the computers of those candidates by sending targeted phishing mails.”

In this situation, the trojan was looking for security vulnerabilities in web browsers like IE, Firefox, and Opera, as well as Windows Media Player and QuickTime. As always, remember to keep your software up to date! It’s one of the best ways you can protect your data from being stolen.

Thanks for the tip Cory!