BitTorrent Well, it didn’t take long… the 1st HD DVD Movie has been leaked onto BitTorrent.  This comes less than one month after BackupHDDVD was released. When BackupHDDVD was released, there was a bit of a controversy over whether or not it did anything… well turns out it does.

The first movie to appear over BitTorrent is Serenity. Before you get all excited and go search for the download, take into consideration that the torrent is a 19.6 GB file in EVO format.  It will take forever to download a file that size! It may be a bit better if you’re on the Verizon FIOS network, but even still, is it really worth it? You could save the hassle and just go buy the HD DVD movie at the store! The EVO format of the movie should play on PowerDVD, and WinDVD with HD DVD playback.

I guess this goes to prove that nothing is totally secure. No matter how secure they try to make it, someone will always find a way to crack it. It is also rumored that Batman Begins, Chronicles of Riddick, 12 Monkeys, and King Kong have been decrypted and will show up on torrent sites. It was only a matter of time…

News Source: HDTV Blogger