Gmail FiltersOne of my favorite features in Gmail is the ability to add filters to incoming emails. I only use a couple different filters to automatically label emails from, for example, eBay purchases. But I do have one filter that would cause a lot of frustration if I wasn’t able to have it.

The filter I’m talking about is setup to delete all emails coming from certain email addresses. You know, those people who only forward dumb jokes to you, or those spammers that always seem to get by the spam checker. Yeah, those are the ones that I put here. That way I never have to worry about seeing a message from them sitting in my Inbox.

To setup one of those filters all you have to do is set the from field to something like this:

( OR

You start and end the text with parenthesis, and separate each address with "OR". Right now I have about 15 addresses in that list which has greatly reduced the amount of unwanted mail that would typically clutter my Inbox.

That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things you can do with Gmail filters. has a list of 20 different ideas for using the filters in Gmail, and a lot of them are pretty great.

Even with filters being as great as they are, there are still some things that need to be added to Gmail to make it perfect for me:

  • Ability to schedule an email to be sent.
  • Nesting capabilities for the labels, that way they can act like folders.
  • Apply filters to more than just incoming emails. What about outgoing ones too?
  • One-click access to add an email address to a certain filter.
  • An easier way to specify multiple email addresses. Maybe separate them by commas?