Every year for the last several years, Wired News has put together their list of Vaporware awards. That is, their ode to “the year’s top technology products promised, hyped and scheduled, but not delivered.” Reader’s sent in their nominations, and Wired made the final decision with a winner declared.  Before we get on to the list, there were a few that almost made the honors, but squeaked their products out right before the end – like Windows Vista, or the Sony PlayStation 3. It was close guys, but you made it out!

Now, moving on to the real thing starting with #10

10.  Optimus – 103 Keyboard – We wrote about it, speculated on the price, talked about the changes and features they’ve taken away! Now it’s promised for a release in 2007 with a fraction of the original features it was slated to have, and a rumored price that will keep anyone away! (Pictured above).

9.  Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl – This first person shooting game was first previewed in 2001, and lots of fans have been following the progress, (or lack there of) just waiting for its’ release.  On their website, they have”officially” fixed the release date as Q1 2007.

8.  The “iPod Killer”We wrote about it, you know, the nickname for Microsofts’ Zune. Well, the Zune is out, and so far it hasn’t even attacked the iPod. So, for now we’re still left waiting for this monster known as the “iPod Killer.” (Pictured to the right)

7.  Gran Turismo 4 Mobile –  With an expected Q4 2006 release, Gran Turismo 4 just couldn’t quite make it out on time. This racing game will be available for the PlayStation Portable whenever it is released.  The new rumored date is the end of March, 2007.

6.  Airbus A380 – Originally expected to be released early in 2006, the Airbus A380 is just now reaching the test flight stage. The first of the deliveries are scheduled for October of 2007. It’s one monster of a plane, capable of carrying 555 people more than 8,000 nautical miles!

5.  SED Televisions – This is the next generation of flat panel TV’s. Back at CES 06′ Toshiba proclaimed a release date before the holiday season this year. Now if you’re wanting one, you’ll have to wait until Summer 2007.

4.  Spore – This is the new game from The Sims creator in which the player will guide a species through the process of evolution starting from a single cell organism. It also includes an online element where players share what they’ve done, with all of the new creations placed into an online database. The new release date is scheduled for the second half of 2007.

3.  Skype for Symbian- The Symbian operating system (developed by Nokia, Sony Ericsson)for mobile phones is just waiting for Skype.   Once this is released, people will be able to use VOIP chat as well as make SkypeOut calls from their mobile phone!

2.  TiVo ToGo for MAC – This is a software update that Mac users have wanted for a long time.  PC users have been able to watch recorded shows on their computer, however MAC users are still waiting for this luxury.  It was supposed to be out around the middle of 2006, but we’re at the end of 06′ and no TiVo ToGo for MAC is in sight.

1.  Duke Nukem Forever – It’s been in development for 9 years now with rumors of the game being released for Xbox 360 or even Windows Vista Ultimate…. but nothing is for sure with this game. On the companies website is a message that says it will be released “when it’s done.” Period.

There ya have it, Wired’s Vaporware 06′ awards.  I really like the response from 3D Realms Site “when it’s done” Although, if everybody used that term for a release date, the Vaporware awards would not be possible!

News Source: CyberNet Forum (Thanks Fx Extension Guru)