It’s time to hand out the first of many 2007 CyberNet Awards! The category is Best Customer Service, and we have three different winners in this category. These are all companies that we’ve had to deal with on items that we’ve purchased, but ended up having troubles somewhere down the road.

–3rd Place: ESET

I recently purchased a two-year subscription to the new ESET Security Suite, and I have to say that it is truly an incredible product. After using it for a few days I noticed that there was an issue with the firewall when trying to utilize the shared clipboard in Windows Remote Desktop. They promptly responded (within 24-hours), and after several emails they were able to pinpoint the issue.

They’ve told me that it will be fixed when they release the next update, which could be days or weeks from now. The issue isn’t that big of a deal, but the fact that they took notice and addressed the issue so quickly shows real value in their customer service department. My experience with them isn’t over yet, as I still have to wait and see how long it takes for the update to be released, but so far their responsiveness is outstanding.

–2nd Place: Newegg

Newegg is a geek’s haven when it comes to finding gadgets and gizmos…if it’s electronic, they probably carry it. But even more importantly if you have any problems they will definitely cover your back. I’ve only had one instance where I’ve had to take advantage of Newegg’s customer service, and dealing with their friendly staff was a pleasure. They had the item replaced in no time at all, and it’s no wonder why they have a rating of 9.72 out of 10 from 17,000+ reviews. From that score they’ve received a 9.72 for their customer service, and a 9.56 for returns/replacements. There needs to be more standup companies like Newegg in the world!

–1st Place: Logitech

I’ve had my Logitech MX Revolution mouse for over a year now, but back over the summer I had a little dilemma. Just 7-months after purchasing the mouse I couldn’t get it to power on for the life of me. Out of nowhere it died, and I was left using an old straggly wired mouse that wasn’t nearly as nice.

I called up Logitech since it was still under warranty, and like any other company I was put on hold. Luckily it wasn’t more than 5 minutes later that I was talking to a representative. I only had to explain once what happened, and within 5 minutes the representative said that they would ship out a new mouse immediately. The guy told me to scratch off the serial number on the broken mouse and pitch it in the garbage!

Within a week I had the new mouse in hand, and not having to hassle over shipping the old one back is what really gave Logitech an A+ in my book. Since then Ashley has also picked up the same mouse, and it all stems from the outstanding customer service experience I had with them. I feel more reassured purchasing a company’s product when they are confident enough to stand behind.

–And Your Winners–

Now it is time for you to chime in! Let us know in the comments who earned your “Best Customer Service 2007″ award.