Over the last year we’ve covered hundreds of different applications, but there are only a handful that are both worthwhile and small. You may recall that we’ve done a post with 15 ultra tiny apps, all of which were 250KB and under in size. My favorite tiny program of the year, however, was not on that list!

The 2007 CyberNet Award for Best Tiny Program goes to…

–2nd Place: Taskix (Our Review)–

Taskix is an extremely simple solution to a feature that should be included with Windows. Weighing it at just 64KB it makes it possible to rearrange the items in your Windows Taskbar simply by using a drag-and-drop motion.

It’s a well updated application that is efficient, small, and extremely useful. It’s had a home on my computer ever since I found out about it.

–1st Place: Pitaschio (Our Review)–

This has quickly become one of my favorite programs, and what makes it a real gem is the fact that it consumes nearly no room on your hard drive (the download is a mere 60KB).

With Pitaschio you’ll be able to customize several different aspects of Windows that you probably never thought was possible. One of my favorite things that it can be used for is letting windows snap to each other, thereby making organizing applications on your screen a breeze.

–And Your Winners–

Now it is time for you to chime in! Let us know in the comments who earned your “Best Tiny Program” award.