There are hundreds of millions of websites out there, but how many do you use on a regular basis. We’ve come up with what we believe to be the three most powerful websites on the Internet. Sites that save you time, make you more productive, and focus on making otherwise hard tasks extra easy.

The 2007 CyberNet Award for Most Powerful Website goes to…

–3rd Place: Zoho

Zoho has developed an incredible suite of online office applications. In all they offer 18 different products and services, many of which are completely free for users. You can write documents, manage spreadsheets, create presentations, organize notes, and more with a single login.

Personally I do enjoy Google Docs because the interface is a little nicer, but when it comes to sheer power Zoho wins hands down. It’s the most complete online office suite available.

–2nd Place: Yahoo! Pipes

When Yahoo! Pipes first launched at the beginning of the year I wasn’t quite sure what all the fuss was about. It didn’t really seem that great, but it didn’t take long for me to see the true power that it harnesses.

Over the last few months I’ve used Yahoo! Pipes to customize RSS feeds from around the web so that they are tailored to my needs. We’ve also put together several different tutorials that have used Yahoo! Pipes, including: How to Translate Feeds, Create a Custom Software Update Notifier, and Custom Deal Finder.

I’m also using the service on several personal feeds that I like to read, and I’ve really come to see how valuable Yahoo! Pipes can really be. It takes some getting used to, but if you sit down and figure out how it works I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as well.

–1st Place: Remember the Milk

This was actually a last minute decision by me, and it’s all due to the new Firefox extension for Gmail 2 that Remember the Milk launched yesterday. In my mind this took task lists to a whole new level since you can now turn an email into a task with just one click. And being able to manage your entire to-do list from your Inbox is absolutely priceless.

Not only is Remember the Milk available in Gmail, but you can also manage your tasks in Google Calendar, Netvibes, iGoogle, Twitter, Jott, or IMified. It seems as though Remember the Milk is everywhere you turn, but it wasn’t until the incredible Gmail integration that I realized it should be at the top of this list!

–And Your Winners–

Now it is time for you to chime in! Let us know in the comments who earned your “Most Powerful Websites” award.

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  1. I like a site called “CyberNet” – the main blogger guy is a little strange, but I don’t think he’s dangerous when he’s on his meds. 8O

    But seriously folks…

    For me, Google is still my most used site. Between gmail, the calendar, google docs, email alerts, and just the great search results, they’re the powerhouse of my web experience. Then add in Google Analytics and it just gets crazy.

    Netvibes is another site that has really improved the web experience for me. And it only seems to be getting better.

    Merry Christmas Ryan & Ashley

  2. Definitely not Zoho. Too ugly in my opinion.

  3. Remember the Milk’s title is linked to Yahoo Pipes – Just an FYI.

  4. I find Wikipedia to be very useful AND *accurate*. I do cross check the info but usually if it’s well written it’s correct and you can make out rubbish stuff. Compared to the criticism and all the hate Wikipedia gets from colleges and universities and the media (cough) (The Register etc), I find it a “can’t do without” resource.

    I like Zoho and indeed it’s the most powerful online “Office” suite. For someone who uses a desktop PIM, Remember the Milk isn’t very useful but yes, it’s integration with Gmail is neat and makes me wanna use it. And I had ignored Yahoo! Pipes until your take and cool articles came up.

  5. Ryan: Thanks for choosing Zoho as one of your ‘Most Powerful Websites’ of 2007! And congrats to RTM & Yahoo Pipes teams!!

    Pieter: Thanks for your view. We just came out with Zoho Show 2.0. The UI’s been completely redone and has lots of added functionality. Other Zoho services will soon have revamped UIs as well. Test drive the latest [] and tell us what you think.

  6. Veign wrote:
    Remember the Milk’s title is linked to Yahoo Pipes – Just an FYI.

    Oops, thanks for letting me know!

    Anonymous wrote:
    I find Wikipedia to be very useful AND *accurate*.

    Oh yeah, Wikipedia should have definitely earned a spot on my list as well. It slipped my mind for some reason.

    Arvind wrote:
    Ryan: Thanks for choosing Zoho as one of your ‘Most Powerful Websites’ of 2007! And congrats to RTM & Yahoo Pipes teams!!

    No problem! You guys definitely earned it over there. I’m sure you’ve all had some sleepless nights trying to get everything working the way that you want it to.

  7. @Arvind: Zoho Show 2.0 definitely kicks Google’s butt, especially when looking at the themes that they offer! :)

    I have to take back what I said about Zoho earlier. Frankly, I just have the tendency to bash on things that I haven’t given a fair spin.

  8. @Pieter : No probs & thanks! :)

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