Last week we speculated on who would win the coveted Vaporware awards for 2007 like the Optimus Maxiumus keyboard, or Spore – the new game from the Sims creator. The official list is out, and now we know who has officially won an award for “the year’s top technology products promised, hyped and scheduled, but not delivered.”  Without further ado, here is Wired’s annual Vaporware Awards for 2007.

vaporware awards 2007

10.  Steorn Orbo –  a magnetic motor device that generates free, constant energy.The scheduled public demo that was supposed to happen in July of this year was canceled.

9.  Tesla Roadster – this car is supposed to be turning heads already! It was originally scheduled for a launch in October, but this electric car never did.

8.  802.11n – this new Wi-Fi standard that’s supposed to be much faster has been a work in progress since 2006 and was set to be finalized in January of 2007. It was a no-show, and now it’s not expected until 2009…

7.  Diablo III – set to be the follow-up to Diablo II which was launched in 2000, Diablo III hasn’t been mentioned by Blizzard (gaming company) for a while.

6.  Windows Mobile 6 for Samsung Blackjack – BlackJack owners have been waiting in anticipation for WM 6 to surface, but it hasn’t.

5.  Windows XP Service Pack 3 – while the Release Candidate is out, Windows XP users still haven’t gotten their update!

4.  Optimus Maximus – This is one speculation we got right… no Optimus Maxiumus keyboard once again!

3.  Chinese Democracy – The Guns N’ Roses album in the works since 1994!

2.  Spore – Yet another item we speculated would be on the list is Spore – the new game from the Sims Creator. The earliest we’re expected to see it is April of 2008.

1.  Duke Nukem Forever – This one could be on here for life but as Wired says, “long live the king!”