cybernet awards 2008-1.pngFor this installment of the 2008 CyberNet Awards, we are taking a look at some of the Biggest Tech Stories of 2008 . A lot has gone on this year in the Tech World, that’s for sure, but some stories created far more buzz than others.

Without further ado here are our awards for the Biggest Tech Stories of 2008.

–5th Place: Macworld Without Steve Jobs

The buzz level soared on the Internet when the announcements were made that Apple was going to be pulling out of Macworld and Steve Jobs would not be giving the final keynote in January. People were left to speculate why Apple would do such a thing. Was it Steve Jobs’ health? Is Apple just that controlling that they didn’t want someone else running the show? People are still in shock over this move by Apple which is supposedly all about politics.

–4th Place: T-Mobile G1 Powered by Android

Just a couple of months ago, T-Mobile launched the G1 phone powered by Google’s very own Android. While some have complained that it’s not “polished,” others feel it’s a great solution for those who want an “iPhone like” phone, without needing to switch to AT&T. It’s also affordable, and abundantly available, and has generated a lot of buzz over the last year.

–3rd Place: Microsoft’s Ad Campaign

What can I say about Microsoft’s Ad campaign? The price tag on the campaign was $300 million yet we aren’t quite sure that they have accomplished what they set-out to do. Sure, it got people talking about the company, but not necessarily in a good way. They started out the campaign with bizarre ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, then they turned to “I’m a PC” ads, mocking Apple’s Get a Mac campaign.

Oh how I wish they would have spent more time pointing out Vista’s shining features to help clean-up their image, but they didn’t. For $300 million, we were hoping for something a little better.On the bright side, these ads sure got people talking and speculating on what they would do next!

–2nd Place: iPhone 3G/ iPhone 2.0 Firmware

For Apple, 2008 was the year of the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 Firmware. Even before the official announcement of the iPhone 3G was made, the Internet was full of people speculating on what kinds of features the new phone would have. There was also the anticipation of what the iPhone 2.0 Firmware would offer. The iPhone 3G launch didn’t go as smoothly as Apple expected, with signal and battery life issues along the way. The App store has definitely lived up to its hype though. With its ups and downs, the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 Firmware has got to be one of the biggest stories of 2008.

–1st Place: Yahoo/Microsoft Saga

By far, for us at least, the biggest story of the year was the whole Yahoo/Microsoft saga. To think, Microsoft offered Yahoo $34 bucks per share, or $44.6 billion back in early February, which Yahoo turned down. Today, Yahoo shares are almost in the single digits, sitting at about $11.90 (as of writing this).

After the news first broke that Microsoft had made an offer, the web was full of buzz about the topic for months as talks went back and forth and Yahoo announced that they were “partnering with Google.” In the end, no deal ever came about between Microsoft and Yahoo, and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang ended up stepping down as CEO.

–And Your Winners–

Now it is time for you to chime in! Let us know in the comments what were the “Biggest Tech Stories of 2008.”