cybernet awards 2008-1.pngSo here we sit at the start of the year. We just wrapped up the 2008 CyberNet Awards series that we had been doing for the last few days, and today we want to wish everyone a happy New Year!

For those of you who have missed out on some posts from the previous few days we’ve taken the liberty of assembling this recap. Here were the awards that were handed out:

  • Most Useful Forums
    5th Place: Neowin, 4th Place: The Green Button, 3rd Place: [View]
  • Best Application Updates & Releases
    5th Place: Songbird, 4th Place: Digsby, 3rd Place: [View]
  • Most Used Web Services
    5th Place: Hulu, 4th Place: Google Reader, 3rd Place: [View]
  • Biggest Tech Stories of 2008
    5th Place: Macworld with Jobs, 4th Place: T-Mobile G1, 3rd Place: [View]
  • Best Time-Saving iPhone Apps that are Free
    5th Place: Google Mobile, 4th Place: Wikipanion, 3rd Place: [View]
  • Favorite New Gadgets
    5th Place: Xbox 360, 4th Place: Kodak Digital Frame, 3rd Place: [View]

Here’s wishing a safe and happy New Year to all of the CyberNet readers!