Facebook PetitionIf you haven’t heard by now, the ultra popular social network Facebook (generally for college students) got a pretty major facelift. I logged into my account to find a new Facebook “feed.” Apparently they didn’t want to be left out of the feed frenzy!The last time I checked, there were 26,000 names on the petition to have this feed removed, and it keeps growing! The general consensus with this new debut is that Facebook now crosses the line from “Social Network” to “Stalker’s Paradise.”

Facebook Facelit Petitioned

The news feed looks  something like: “John added ____ to his favorite movies,” or “Susie and Kim are now friends” or “Lisa is now in a relationship” (complete with a heart) or “Dan added new photos” (complete with thumbnails of newly added photos), or “Jeff joined the group– The Croc Hunter, a legend of our time..RIP Steve Irwin.” It is literally a whole page- plus some of stalkish, useless information.

Some of the comments I have seen include “Facebook is the ultimate stalkers dream now.. sick” to “I’m thinking Facebook scares me.” There is even a group called “Students Against Facebook News Feed” with nearly 26,000 members (and counting) who say this is the official petition. In comparison, there is a group titled “Students in favor of Facebook News Feed” with 17 lonely members.

I’m sure there are some people who like every last juicy detail about every so called friend they have on their list. That’s why I think they need to make this an optional feature disabled by default. They’ve gone a little bit far now by making a feed of every single update and change a user makes.  Change can be good, but in this case I think they went a little too far too quickly. They need to take a step back and take the feedback from the millions of users seriously.

If you’re a member of facebook, you can join this group by searching for “Students against Facebook News Feed (Official Petition to Facebook)” The number of members is growing by the thounsands!

Update 2:
The latest count is 46,473 as of 9:40 central time- only one hour after originally posting this.