iPod Seagate is shooting for 2.5TB hard drives for desktop computers by 2009 and they estimate that iPods should be able to hold 275GB by that time. The 2.5TB is about 3-times what Seagate’s current largest hard drive can hold (which is 750GB).

A 275GB iPod would be absolutely insane. The 80GB iPod, according to Apple’s estimation, can hold up to 20,000 songs which means a 275GB iPod can hold 68,000+ songs! Of course the 275GB won’t actually seem like that much because in the next few years they will probably be increasing the quality of music and movies that users download as a result of the large hard drive space.

While it will be great to have hard drives that large they will definitely need to increase the RPM’s, otherwise it is going to take awhile to access that amount of information. Unless companies like Microsoft figure out a way to more efficiently store files on a disk but I don’t think that would even help enough.

News Source: TG Daily
Thanks for the tip Allen!