Gmail Signup Yesterday a story made the frontpage of Digg regarding Google opening up Gmail to new registrations without needing a cellphone. As of right now the story has 2860 Diggs but the original submitter has also posted a retraction on Digg. Here is what he says in the retraction:

The thing is it only became open in Egypt where I live and I wrongly thought it’s now open worldwide.

What happend is that Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was visiting Egypt and signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and that Gmail was now open from within Egypt.

Googling around I found out that Gmail has been open in Australia, New Zealand and Japan for a while now.

The funny thing is that the story got dugg very quickly. People dugg the story without checking the link which obviously led to the Cell phone registration page. The even funnier thing is that several tech blogs reported that story without checking for themselves. This  says much about how stories get dugg by thousands without checking it first. Many reported that the story was inaccurate, yet thousands dugg the story.

I was going to post about it yesterday but something just didn’t seem right so I wanted to wait it out. I brought it up in the forum just to make sure I wasn’t crazy but apparently it wasn’t working for other people as well. Turns out that I am glad I didn’t post about it because I would have been one of those “several tech blogs” who incorrectly reported about it. ;)

I can’t believe with all of the people who were saying in the comments that this was inaccurate people were still (blindly?) Digging it? It is still getting around 2 Diggs every 5-minutes which boggles my mind. I guess some people were just so happy that the day has finally come for Gmail to be open to everyone that they didn’t bother to check whether it was really true?