2nd generation zune

Rumor is coming from the WhizByte blog that a 2nd generation Zune will be coming this year before the holiday season. This, they say comes from a Microsoft representative when asked if they could confirm details regarding Scorpio, the 80GB model, or Draco, the Flash based Zune.

The Microsoft representative also mentioned three different ways in which they’ll expand the Zune including new sizes, styles, and prices, as well as new features, and expansion into the international market. There was no mention of a specific release date, but my guess is that it would be available in mid-November.

In other Zune news, Microsoft announced that they have sold 1.2 million units which is a little over their goal of selling one million units by June. I still think it is amazing that they were even able to sell as many as they have, mainly because they entered a market that was well dominated by Apple. I’d say for their first try, they haven’t done too bad!