If you’ve ever needed sound effects or music loops, you know that searching the web for a free solution is both tedious and difficult. And of course once you come across something great that would be perfect for your project, you realize it’s not royalty free. This can be extremely frustrating.  Thankfully, there’s a perfect solution to end your frustration once and for all.  The site is called Soundsnap and it’s a free online sound library. Yep, all 30,000 sounds that they offer are royalty free!

With such a large selection of songs, it’s important to have a clean and simple interface that’s easy to use.  They offer just this, and the sounds are tagged and categorized into 16 different categories with many choices in each. Users of Soundsnap play a really important role because they’re the ones that submit the content to begin with, and many of them are sound engineers so it’s not all amateur. If you’re wanting to listen to some of the most popular songs, you can just view their tag cloud.  If you want to download a clip, you can first preview it and then download it in MP3, wav or aiff formats.


There’s a social aspect to Soundsnap as well. It’s social in that members have a public profile where they can show-off some of their work if they’ve submitted it. They’re also able to keep a list of their favorite sounds for all to hear. Users can get involved by rating sound clips using a five-star scale which gives you a good idea if the sound will be worth listening to or not.

Overall, Soundsnap is a great service that provides a broad selection of sound samples, sound effects, and music loops — all royalty free. You can’t beat that!

Source: John @ Soundsnap – Thanks!