Apple is either really confident in their new iPhone, or they’d rather just be safe and have plenty to go around should this take-off. Apple is said to be shipping 3,000,000 iPhones, according to Business Week, for the June 29th launch. Given that, if you plan on going out to buy one, don’t worry, there should be one available.

Analysts have said that Apple would be able to sell about 3 million iPhones for all of 2007, and yet they’re shipping them all in one day. This would mean that Apple wouldn’t have to worry about shipping anymore iPhones until 2008 when they’re expected to sell another 10 to 12 million of them.

The tone in the media today is a bit critical of Apple because they are shipping so many right off the bat, however, you know they would have been criticized even more if there weren’t enough to go around come June 29th.

Source: The Boy Genius Report