Flash is all over the Internet whether it be in YouTube videos, advertisements, or even some of your favorite games. I remember back when Flash was first being used on the web, and it was only advertisers that were making use of it. For that reason most people blocked everything that tried to use Flash, but now it seems like every site you visit uses Flash in one way or another.

Floating Dates

Floating DatesPretty soon we will start seeing even more remarkable things being developed with Flash, and it will probably be starting with 3D-like games. One of my friends pointed out the Papervision blog who is developing things that I see as extraordinary in terms of Flash capabilities. The screenshot above is from the calendar application that they put together early this year. It doesn’t do much but you can click on flying calendar sheets to move closer to that particular one. I decided to have a little fun with it by finding a Friday the 13th which I took a screenshot of to the right.

Also, there is a full-screen button in the bottom-right corner that I point to in the above screenshot, which is something new that Adobe has put in Flash 9 for developers to incorporate in applications/games. By full-screen I’m not talking just within your browser either, it is a true full-screen mode that will cover your entire monitor!

The Papervision blog has a ton of different demos listed, but there are a few that I really found to be cool:

All of those have some unique features to them that I’m anxious to see integrated in games and applications. There is no doubt that this is just the start of something great!

Papervision Homepage

Thanks for the tip Mike!