3d website

The Tilt 3D Firefox extension provides a unique view of any website using WebGL. It combs through the source code of a site and generates a 3D view that web developers may find useful. The extension’s 3D view helps identify areas of the site that contain various HTML elements like a div, span, table, and many others. It assigns a unique color to each of the elements, and creates the rotatable 3D design that you can see in the screenshot above.

While the extension is a lot of eye candy it also has some useful aspects as well. For example, you can double-click on an element in the 3D view to see the HTML source code for that specific element. When it comes to identifying specific items on a page this is one of the easiest ways I’ve come across.

I wouldn’t say this is something people will use often, but if you’re a web developer I can see it finding a home in your toolkit for troubleshooting some of those hard-to-find issues.

Note that once you’ve installed Tilt 3D you can start it by going to Web Developer > Tilt (in the Firefox menu on Windows, or the Tools menu on Mac).

Tilt 3D Firefox Extension