We’ve been talking about the Optimus Maximus keyboard for months now (here, here, and here), and finally they’ve agreed upon the number of keys, set a price, and they’re just about ready to take pre-orders! As you’ll recall, the Optimus Maximus is the name of the “Digital” Keyboard that gives the user ultimate customization. The Optimus Maximus keyboard will be made up of OLED’s so that each key has a display.

Optimus Maximus

Since the project began, so many changes have happened – from the release date, to whether it was going to be in color or black and white, even how many keys it was going to have (103? 113? 114?). So, here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Optimus Maximus team finally decided upon 114 keys with 10 extra keys on the left side of the keyboard that will give you extra customization.
  2. A price was finally ironed out, and people who want to get their hands on one will need to shell out $1,490.00 (they will be taking pre-orders later in March).
  3. If a key breaks, you can purchase a replacement for $10 (not bad eh?)
  4. Expected release date is November/early December 2007 (cross your fingers with this one, it’s changed a million times!).
  5. Each display on every key is 32×32 pixels (full color).

Assuming they deliver in November or December as they say they will, they’ll be able to avoid getting a Vaporware Award as they did last year, “the years top technology products promised, hyped and scheduled, but not delivered.”

If you have extra cash laying around ($1,490 dollars worth) that you’re not quite sure what to do with, prepare yourself for the Optimus Maximus, coming soon (hopefully)!