Windows Live Writer came out with quite a bang the other day when it was released. It gives users the ability to preview their post on their site at the click of a button. I have never used any blogging software before that handles the way Windows Live Writer does.

Many people have already started to voice some their opinions on what they would like to see in future versions. Windows Live Writer is so great because you don’t have to wait for new versions in order to get new features…thanks to plug-ins!

Here are 5 plug-ins that are already starting to make an appearance:

  • Flickr (Homepage / Download Page)
    This plug-in is pretty self explanatory. It will let you easily add your Flickr photos to your posts.
    Flickr Windows Live Writer

I am excited to see what other plug-ins people can come up with. Out of the five listed above the Flickr one would probably be the most useful to the normal user of Windows Live Writer.

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