Okay, I am going to have a few things here to keep you occupied for a little while. The first thing that I wanted to talk about was Google’s recent decision to start paying independent video publishers a share of the ad revenue that is generated from users viewing videos. It appears that anyone can signup to get accepted into the program but they recommend that you have 1,000 or more hours of video before putting in your application.

The first publisher that Google mentions that’s making money is EepyBird which made an entertaining video demonstrating what could be done with 502 liters of Diet Coke and 1,506 pieces of Mentos. Their demonstration is supposed to emulate the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada so I thought I would provide a video of the real Bellagio Fountains and then their rendition.

The real Bellagio Fountains:


The Diet Coke + Mentos Fountain:

Google needs to be moving quick on getting publishers because MetaCafe already has a very rewarding program setup to put money in the pockets of publishers. At MetaCafe for every 20,000 views your video receives you’ll get $100 which isn’t that bad. That does mean you have to have all the rights to the video so it can’t be something you grabbed from somewhere else, but that can be a good chunk of extra cash if you do have a unique movie.

The top rewarded video on MetaCafe right now is “Matrix – For Real.” I don’t know what is more jaw dropping, the fact that the publisher has made over $23,000 (over 4 million views) or the stunts that this guy can do. I feel like I need to go to a chiropractor just from watching this: 

Matrix – For Real… – video powered by Metacafe

I know Google intends to keep YouTube separate from Google Video but I think they definitely need to branch out the publisher’s program onto YouTube. People will probably start going where the money is which will affect how many movie hosting companies will be able to stay afloat.