When we wrote about the new Windows Live SkyDrive a few weeks ago I was surprised to see them launch with 5GB of storage. It was anticipated that Microsoft would only deliver 2GB of storage, but they obviously changed their minds for the better. What shocked me even more, however, was a comment by Leland regarding a service called ADrive. They offer a whopping 50GB of storage at absolutely no cost!

I was thinking to myself that a service offering that much storage for free wouldn’t really be all that good, right? After I signed up I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong. ADrive has an intuitive interface, some great features, and loads of storage.

For starters the first thing that you’ll want to do after uploading your files is manage them. You can organize all of your files into folders if you so desire, and you can perform operations (delete, move, etc…) on multiple files at the same time. Here’s what the interface for that looks like:

adrive manage files
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With ADrive you’re able to make some of your files publicly available, but by default everything you upload is kept private. If you do decide to share a file it will be kept on a separate public interface where you’re also provided the URL that you need to hand out. If you want to see what the download page for a file looks like here is the Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 download for Vista that I’ve uploaded. The download interface interface is pretty clean, and the download will automatically start as soon as the page loads. That’s right, there’s no trying to hunt down a download button.

Here’s a screenshot of the interface for managing your public files:

adrive public files
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Since ADrive doesn’t offer any special tools for uploading files you’ll have to rely on their website quite a bit. They have a simple uploader available where you simply browse for the file you want to upload, or their more advanced uploader utilizes Java to make the process simpler. With the advanced uploader you can select entire folders to upload which makes uploading a ton of different files a breeze:

adrive upload

It all sounds too good to be true, right? I went looking for any sort of limitations they might have but for the most part I came up empty handed. You can’t upload files larger than 2GB, but I don’t really know anyone that would want to do that anyway. I couldn’t find anything saying that you’re limited to how much bandwidth you can use in a certain period of time, and you can upload any filetype.

The thing that I found a little odd was that they wouldn’t let you be logged in to the same account in two different browsers. You’ll receive an alert saying that the other account will be automatically be logged out before proceeding. It’s definitely not a deal killer though.

ADrive Homepage
Thanks for the tip Leland!