WindowsvistaimageMicrosoft just wrapped up their annual meeting with financial analysts today where they disclosed that since the January launch of Vista, 60 million copies have been sold. To break it down, from January 30th to February 28th, 20 million copies of Windows Vista were sold. By mid-May, they had gotten to the 40 million mark, and between May and the end of June, another 20 million copies were sold.

Also at the meeting, Steve Ballmer said that by mid-2008, “There will be more PCs running Windows than automobiles at that point” as one billion people will be using Windows. At first, that thought was hard to fathom, but after thinking about it further, it makes sense. I’m sure many of you have multiple computers in your home. Do any of you have more computers than cars? We sure do – one car and four computers. And then there are all of the schools across the World with computer labs running Windows, which are also taken into account.

Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet also points out that Microsoft has doubled profit and nearly doubled revenue within the last five years, and they’ve returned more than $100 billion to their shareholders. These she says, are their bragging points. She also pointed out how Steve Ballmer “emphasized repeatedly that Microsoft now sees itself as an advertising company.” So apparently they’re going to be putting more focus and effort into advertising to compete with Google and Yahoo?