8start Application LauncherI think this week should be declared application launcher week on CyberNet. :) Exactly one week ago we wrote an article on the best application launchers, then one of our readers pointed out a cool app that we missed called Executor, and finally yesterday we wrote about Launchy 2.0 Alpha.

That brings us up to today where we have the brand new 8start Launcher 1.5 that just shipped with some nice new features. The most notable addition to 8start is the customizable fonts for each of the headings. As you can see to the right the headings (which serve as dividers) stand out a lot more than they previously did, which is blatantly obvious if you look at the screenshots in our full-length review.

Now I would have been happy if that was the only change, but the developer didn’t stop there. Here’s a more complete list of what’s new in 8start 1.5:

  • You can now customize the font for Group names, Category names, and Button labels. You can also set font size to whatever you want.
  • Make the active category stand out by customizing the background.
  • Group names and Category names can be set as align left/center/right.
  • Button Label, Group names and Category names can be set as antialias.
  • Able to configure font and color via Menu > Change Skin > Configure Skin instead of modifying the skin.ini file.
  • Background can be stretched, stretched proportionally, or left unmodified. This is useful if you want to use photo as the 8start Launcher background.
  • Instead of the A~Z drive letter which use for display drive information in 8start Launcher. You can now select ‘8’ to show the information of the drive which 8start located, and that is especially useful for USB drives.
  • You can configure the default browser for 8start which will be used when you click on the URL buttons.
  • You can now choose from 12 nice System Tray icons, and some of the icons were designed specially for your portable drive.

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