GetamaccampaginAccording to, they’re saying that the latest numbers suggest that there are around 9,000 new people per day that switch to a Mac. The numbers come from Tom Yager over at InfoWorld who based his calculations upon Steve Jobs’ claim that half of Macs are sold to first-time buyers.

Yager is also conducting an experiment with a lifelong Windows user. He’s set someone up with a MacBook and a copy of Paralells so that she can experiment with the Mac operating system, but still have access to Windows. He’s trying to see if in the end, she’ll make the switch.

While Apple is growing, 9,000 seems a bit high, but also doesn’t take into consideration all of the people who don’t use Apple exclusively. I know several people who use a Mac for work, and stick with their PC at home.

If it’s true, perhaps the Get a Mac campaign is doing more than giving people a few laughs?