mac leopard firefox theme.png

The features and performance of Firefox 3 have helped me fall in love with the browser all over again, but the “native” themes need some work. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a theme that is more along the lines of what Safari looks like on my Mac, and one developer has stepped up to the plate with two gorgeous alternatives: GrApple Delicious and GrApple Yummy.

At first glance the two themes look nearly the same (as seen below), but the differences lie in the details. GrApple Yummy is almost an exact clone of Safari, which is what I thought I was looking for. That was until I noticed that each individual tab does not include the site’s icon, which I didn’t even realize Safari lacked until this theme made me go back and double-check. I was very bummed because I loved the theme otherwise, but that’s when I came across GrApple Delicious which does show the icons on each tab:

mac leopard firefox theme-2.png

The only thing that is really different between the two themes (at least that I noticed) is the tab bar. In GrApple Yummy the tab bar hangs from the toolbar located above it just like in Safari, where as GrApple Delicious displays the tab bar in the typical old-school Firefox fashion. It doesn’t really bother me which way the tab bar is oriented as long as I have my icons on each tab, and so I’m loving the GrApple Delicious theme.

firefox leopard location bar.pngAnd the oversized fonts in the location bar… gone! As you can see in the screenshot to the right the location bar is toned down a bit in both themes by using slightly smaller fonts.

Obviously these themes are targeted towards Mac OS X users, but they do surprisingly work on other operating systems. The only issue was that the menu (File, Edit, etc…) layout was a bit off from what it should be, but that can quickly be cured with an extension such as Personal Menu. If you want to install it on an operating system other than Mac OS X you’ll need to do so from one of these two pages: GrApple Delicious or GrApple Yummy.

Get the GrApple Delicious or GrApple Yummy Firefox themes