A Blast From The Past

Ahhh, the wonders that Windows 95 brought was amazing for its time. How about that classic game called Hover that Microsoft supplied to demonstrate how powerful the graphics were on this revolutionary operating system. It worked its way into the heart of many Windows goers but was no longer supplied with future versions of Windows.

For those people that never got to experience the game of Hover then you were missing out. It is similar to the game capture the flag where your goal is to capture your enemy’s flags. You hover around the game board looking for the enemy’s flags trying to find them all before your opponent finds your flags.

So, if you want to give this game a whirl then go ahead and download it below. I found this Duke University’s student page who seems to be a fan of the game. All you have to do is download the ZIP file below and execute Hover.exe located in the Hover folder.

It is time to get your game on!

Download Hover (Windows 95 – XP)