Bill Gates With CES currently going on, several sites like Gizmodo and Engadget have managed to catch up with Bill Gates to ask him a few questions.  I don’t know about you, but I’m always intrigued with Gates and what he has to say, much the way I’m intrigued with Steve Jobs.  It’s just something about those two men that draws me in.  From the different conversations that people have had with Gates over the last few days, we learn whether or not Microsoft will launch an iPhone rival, how he feels about Vista and if he’s fully satisfied with the product, and what it is he worries about at night right before bed.

Will Microsoft Launch an iPhone Rival?

Bill Gates says, “No, we won’t do that.  In the so-called smart phone business we will concentrate solely on software with our Windows Mobile program. ” He went on to say, “We have partnerships with a lot of device manufacturers from Samsung to Motorola and this variety brings us significantly more than if we would make our own mobile phone.”

I thought they were intelligent enough to realize that launching an iPhone rival wouldn’t be smart…


Is Bill Gates Fully Satisfied with Vista?

Ryan Block from Engadget sat down for an “exit interview” with Gates and asked him all kinds of questions ranging from what it was like to meet with Steve Jobs in 2007, and what things will be like while he’s working at the foundation full-time later this year. One issue that Block brought up was Windows and if the company’s “core product is meeting consumer expectations.” Bill’s response?

“Any version of Windows is going to have lots of great new things that people use and things that are tough. With Vista, a lot of it’s the transition from XP to Vista. Did we get the device drivers ready in the right way and time? Did we make it easy to do the upgrades as well as we should? When people get up and running on Vista they are basically quite happy. Not perfect — but quite happy. It is that transition where we definitely need to get a better job up on that piece.”

Then came the question about whether or not Gates was personally fully satisfied with Vista: “I’m never fully satisfied with any Microsoft product.”

What does Bill worry about at night before bed?

Gizmodo wanted to get on the personal side of Bill and ask him what it is he worries about in those moments right before falling asleep.

When it comes to his job at Microsoft, he says he sits there thinking about making sure that “we stay at the edge in terms of driving the platform.” And then he was asked what about him personally and he said he worries about things like “how are my kids doing, how’s the foundation doing?”

“Family comes first,” he says, and then the two things he’s passionate about follow– software and the role the foundation plays. He also says that if you look into his brain, you’d see he’s wired to care about Microsoft. Just because he’s leaving Microsoft this year doesn’t mean his passion and emotion for the company will be replaced.

The interviews with Gates that I’ve seen and read over the last few days just add to the respect and admiration I have for him. He’s done some truly amazing things – both professionally and personally. It’s sad to think he won’t be at CES next year, isn’t it?