A Different Kind Of Pocket PC

This is not your typical handheld Pocket PC because it does not have a touch screen that you can use for input. However, this is truly a Pocket PC because it is a desktop equivalent computer that is only about 2 cubic inches in size! More pictures can be found at the source but here are the details on this amazing piece of work:

The Space Cube is the world’s smallest personal computer. The unbelievably minuscule cube (2 x 2 x 2.2 inch case) packs 300 MHz CPU and 64 MB of SDRAM. The Space Cube offers a healthy number of ports, including USB, Ethernet, flash memory, monitor port, Space wire, serial connection, and microphone. This micro PC runs on a Linux named Atom Linux. Shimafuji, the manufacturer of the Space Cube, has recently released the SEMC5701A, which is slightly smaller than its predecessor. The Japanese have assembled a personal computer that fits in your pocket.

It would definitely be interesting to see how efficiently the Linux runs on this machine because some real handheld Pocket PC’s have faster processors than this one. What makes this so special is the high number of ports.

News Source: Epic Empire