NGame I hope everyone isn’t getting sick of me posting some cool Flash games to kill some time but there are two more that you should try out that were both submitted by users. The first game was submitted by MetaMan and is just called “N.” It is unbelievably addicting and believe me when I say that it gets hard pretty quick. You can play it online and if you really like it download the free full version that has more levels.

The other game that was anonymously submitted is called “Run Run.” When you first start out you receive 25 lives which seems ridiculous because all you have to do is jump over a few boxes. I think you’ll be a little surprised at how quick those 25 lives can run out as you get higher up into the levels. Just remember, you’ll have enough lives to go through one per level…so when you drop two lives on one level you’re gonna have a tough time finishing. :)

It is amazing how long you can sit down and play such simple games. I have seen hours go by after stumbling upon playing some of these things. I don’t even think I want to know how long I have spent playing the two games above…but I don’t mind hearing about some more! :D

Thanks to MetaMan & the Anonymous person for the tips! :)