With all of the hype surrounding the 3G iPhone, we can’t forget about other phones out there like the BlackBerry Thunder which has been labeled as RIM’s “iPhone Killer.” Boy Genius Report (BGR) claims to have received an official product shot, and if it’s legitimate, it confirms that the phone will be touchscreen. This is a whole new route for RIM to take with their devices because up until now, their phones haven’t had an on-screen keyboard. Take a look at the image below (from BGR):

blackberry thunder.png

Notice what else is missing besides the keyboard? The trackball! If people will be scrolling with their fingers, there’s no need for the trackball. It looks pretty slick, doesn’t it? At this point it’s believed that Verizon will be the exclusive carrier for the phone, and it’s expected to launch sometime in September. There’s been no word yet on the cost of the phone quite yet.

RIM is pretty bold for coming out with a touchscreen device. I know of several people who like the features of the iPhone, yet would never switch from their BlackBerry, simply because they like the keyboard. Is this a smart move for RIM to make to try and attract more of the casual users since most of their subscribers use the devices for business purposes?

Source: Boy Genius Report