New Froogle?

Garett Rogers is always digging through code and files on Google’s websites to try and figure out what upcoming services they might be offering. He is at it again by taking a peak at Google’s robots.txt file which identifies directories that should not be indexed. A recent addition to that file gives us some insight with what to expect in the new Froogle that is supposed to be available before the holiday season starts.

His newest find (this is the example pictured above) is what may end up being the new layout of Froogle. This site is obviously using the Google Base database because the search results are unrelated to the product that you are looking for, and that is very common with Google Base in my experience. I know that Google has had plans of eliminating Froogle and replacing it with Google Base, but it is so much harder to find what you are looking for.

Overall, I like the new interface since it is loaded with AJAX and the new filters are really nice but I would like to see the search tied to Froogle’s database. Check out the search results for “apple ipod” on the new search that uses Google Base and then on Froogle, then you will probably see what I’m talking about.