ToxicWhat isn’t dangerous to our health these days? It seems like the list keeps on getting longer, and now there’s another danger to add to the list: Laser Printers. Yep, the trusty laser printer at the office has been studied and some of them have been found to be “high particle emitters,” meaning if you sit close to one at work, you’re probably taking in some harmful stuff that could potentially do damage to your lungs.  In fact, according to those who performed the study, “One of the printers released particles into an experimental chamber at a rate comparable to the particle emissions from cigarette smoking.” You read that right, it’s as harmful as cigarette smoking!

The study involved the testing of 62 different laser printers under brands like HP, Toshiba, Canon, and Ricoh. Out of the 62 printers, 17 were determined to be the “high particle emmiters.” More reassuring is that 37 of the printers released no particles that would be harmful to your health. Which 17 printers are harmful haven’t been disclosed, but would be good to know, don’t ya think?

Now I’ve heard of regulating emission levels that come from cars, but now the scientists who performed the study are hoping that government officials will think about regulating the emissions coming from laser printers, saying that “[it] is an important indoor source of pollution. There should be regulations.”

Hopefully you don’t sit too close to the laser printer at work?

Source: Neowin