With Macworld quickly approaching, there have been a handful of rumors about what Apple is planning to announce.  One of them is that Apple is set to release an ultra thin and light laptop that would weigh in under three pounds. This rumor, should it turn out to be true, helps explain a new Apple Docking Patent filed today. The image below explains it all:

apple docking patent

What you see above looks like a typical Apple iMac screen base in which you would be able to dock one of those ultra thin and light laptops rumored by sliding it in right through the side of the screen. It would presumably fit completely inside of the monitor. The drawing above was put together by Gizmodo, and the actual patent drawings are more vague but still give us a clear idea of what Apple has in-store (patent drawing shown below):

apple docking patent 2

It’s an interesting concept and could potentially be useful for those who use a laptop while traveling, but primarily use a desktop while at work. The obvious downside would be the fact that in order for someone to use this, they’d have to invest in the laptop and the iMac which would could be pretty pricey. Additionally, I think it’s safe to speculate that a good portion of the Mac market owns either a laptop or an iMac and not both which means this new design would benefit a very small portion of the market.

Keep in mind that not everything that Apple files a patent for ends up being produced… this could be one of them.