Details are emerging about where the first million iPhone 3Gs were sold. At WWDC in June, Steve Jobs stressed availability and how the iPhone 3G would be sold in more countries than ever at an affordable price. July 11th was the launch day for 22 countries, and 70 more countries will eventually be selling them. With this widespread availability, we’ve been curious what the demand is around the World. The Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research report was recently released which breaks it down, and Medialets has graphed this information.

Before we fill you in on some of the data, the graph is a bit deceiving because they weren’t able to properly represent the number of iPhones sold in the United States in proportion to the other countries. Also note that this is the data for the number of phones sold in the 3-day launch period in July.

iPhone launch.png

The top five sellers:

  1. United States with 600,000 units sold
  2. Japan with 70,000 units sold
  3. Germany with 69,000 units sold
  4. France with 67,000 units sold
  5. Spain with 55,000 units sold

600,000 units is a lot and that means that the United States accounts for a whopping 60% of all sales. Helping the international effort will be the launch of the iPhone 3G in 20 additional countries on August 22nd. Included with those countries will be Romania, Singapore and Estonia. India is said to be getting the iPhone 3G soon as well.

In somewhat related news, Sprint lost over 900,000 subscribers this past Spring. Could part of this be due to the new iPhone 3G? This big loss in the Spring follows a big loss they had last Winter. Things aren’t looking so good for Sprint, even though they have that spiffy Samsung Instinct that was supposed to help retain customers.

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