Gizmodo is claiming that the photos pictured below are the first shots of the New Zune. The images came from “a source who cites marketing materials, likely from the retail channel, but were confirmed by a second source as well.” Of course just because they were confirmed by a second source doesn’t mean that they’re legit. Gizmodo even says to take them with a grain of salt.

Zune 2

Any first impressions? My first thought was I wonder if they’re ditching the brown? The brown actually ended up being a pretty popular color for the Zune so I would have thought that a brown version would have been pictured in their marketing materials. Also from the images, we learn that there will be an 80GB model and then a 4GB and 8GB model of the Flash version. Another thought was that in terms of looks, it doesn’t vary from the original Zune THAT much. For some reason,  I was expecting more of a visual overhaul.

Whether or not these pictures are legit, for those of you looking forward to another non-iPod device, what do you think?