Ever wonder what the Lego Vault looks like or what’s in it (if you even knew it existed)? Recently a blogger over at Gizmodo, Jesudiaz, was able to get a one-on-one tour of the Lego Vault. This is where all of the Lego sets that were ever created are kept. Any guesses on how many sets have been created? The answer is 4,720 from 1953 until now (2008). Did I mention that all of the sets are unopened? Think about how much money that collection has to be worth, and it explains why Lego has them all in a vault!

lego city.png

Gizmodo was able to capture some video footage, and looking at it should really bring back some memories. In the vault are shelf upon shelf containing sets that date back to the early 50’s. They even had a sound activated “Electronic” train lego set. The video shows the Lego Space Galaxy Explorer set, a favorite among many, along with the Lego Castle, the Lego Pirates Set, and Lego City.

We knew Lego had made a lot of sets but we had no clue the number was over 4,000. Lego’s seem to be one toy that kids (or kids at heart) will always enjoy. Jesudiaz noted this and said, “Underneath all that (the fun, creativity, and logic that goes along with them) there’s a primal connection, something that makes everyone tune into the childhoods when they see the bricks, and get back into brighter, careless moments, even at the subconscious levels.”

If you want a trip down memory lane, definitely checkout the Gizmodo article (with pictures) and the video. It’ll be well worth your time…