A New Google Homepage Being Tested

A user over at Google Blogoscoped noticed that they had been one of the chosen people to test out a new Google Homepage prototype. There isn’t anything too extravagant or eye-popping but it looks like the Froogle and Groups links were removed from the navigation bar and a link to Videos was added. The “more” link now pops up with a box with some more Google services instead of just taking you to the Google services page. However, I would believe that the “even more” button would still take you to that page. The user that found this said that after they saw the page and took some screenshots they removed their cookies to make it go back to the old style. If their cookies weren’t removed then it would be possible to replicate the screen but now we don’t have any verification as to how real this is. I guess we can throw this one in with our other screenshots for new Google test pages (if you didn’t notice each of those words link to a different page that Google has tested).