RingmouseSomeday you may be wearing a ring on your finger to control the cursor on your screen. That’s if a group of undergrad students from WPI in Massachusetts get their way.  They’re hoping that what they’re working on is the next generation mouse. Instead of the bulky mouse that’s always by your side, you’d wear a ring.

This ring would allow the user to control the cursor on the screen by pointing at the monitor with their finger, and waving their hand back and forth. On the ring you’d find a speaker. The speaker sends out ultrasonic pulses, and then five ultrasonic microphones pick up the sound so that it can judge position in 3D space.  This new mouse would allow you to manipulate 3D applications (like Google Earth) in a whole new way. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


It took the team of seniors 21 weeks and $700 to develop the prototype for this mouse.  It sounds impressive, and it could work for two weeks without recharging the lithiumpolymer battery. However, without buttons like a regular mouse, and the fact that you’d have to hold your hand in the air, it might get old after a while.

The images of the ring mouse don’t look like much because it’s a prototype, however, according to Popular Science who gave it an invention award, it works flawlessly. I’d love to see what the finished product looks like, and if this is something that could potentially replace the standard mouse?