Vista's Remote Desktop

I just decided to try out the Remote Desktop in Windows Vista and it is actually pretty nice. I have two computers that currently have Windows Vista RC2 installed and they are both located on my local network. I made sure to specify in the Remote Desktop that I wanted all of the graphical goodies for the machine that I was connecting to which happened to be my laptop.

My desktop is able to handle the Aero theme which allows for the cool transparent effects but my laptop, which was the machine I was connecting to, doesn’t have the WDDM compatible drivers so I’m forced to use the Vista Basic theme. To my surprise the remote connection let my desktop computer do the graphical processing so that I could see the Aero theme “on my laptop.” You can see a screenshot that I took above of this in action.

One thing that is still disappointing is that the computer being controlled will still log the user off in order to give you full control. I really like being able to connect to machines without logging a user off, especially if I want to show someone how to do something. Oh well, maybe in the next version of Windows. ;)