Google Social Security Number Lawsuit This has to be one of the furthest fetched lawsuits that I’ve ever seen. Dylan Jayne is suing Google for having a company name that is similar to his Social Security Number (SSN), well, with the help of the Philadelphia 76er’s that is. Jayne claims that flipping his SSN number upside down, and scrambling it around leaves him with a disturbing result that could possibly endanger his identity.

The image you see to the right shows how Jayne is able to “decode” his SSN to get the target result, and I’m assuming it’s nothing confidential since this info can be found in a document on the court’s site (page 18 in the Exhibit 2 PDF). I would think that it’s possible for nearly anyone to unscramble their SSN and come out with a result that matches a company’s name. I’m sure you’d agree that this has to be one of those guys who would sit down with his calculator and see how many words he could make with it.

What has to be even more amazing is that the whole lawsuit is hand-written, and I’ve embedded it here for your viewing pleasure:

So, who’s pullin’ for a win from this guy? :)

Sources: Register & TechDirt