A Safari Web Browser For Windows

Well, this one is kind of far fetched but the Swift Web Browser is supposed for those people who like Apple’s Safari browser. At least the header on their site reads “Like Apple’s Safari? Get Swift!” It definitely doesn’t look like Safari and the only similarities that you will find is in the rendering engine since it uses the Apple WebKit. I would go into details about the features but, well, there aren’t really any :) . The Tools menu has no options and all of the other menus are very basic. I can’t imagine that people would seriously want this browser in Windows when there are several other browsers that have much better site compatibility. The only reason I could see this being useful is if you didn’t have access to a Mac computer and wanted to test out your site to make sure it is compatible with Safari. Swift is in the Alpha stages so it is way too early to be judging anything. All browsers have to start somewhere and even Firefox started off with only the basics.