AceHTML - Limited Time Free Advanced Web Editor

For a limited time you can get AceHTML Web Site Development software for FREE (Retails for $69.95). For those people that don’t feel like busting the bank to get Dreamweaver then you will find this to be a good alternative. The feature list for AceHTML is pretty extensive and supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, XHTML, Perl, JSP, WML and PHP.

Before you get all excited let me warn you that you cannot design pages visually as you can with Dreamweaver. However, this does do a nice job for those people that actually code a site instead of visually editing a site.

To get this for free you will have to follow the link below. It will ask you for a promotional code which you should input dynamicdrive into the text box. When you are installing the software you need to be careful because I almost installed a “sponsor toolbar” that is bundled with the installation. They offer you the option not to install this but they try to get it past you.

Get AceHTML For Free