Active Virus Shield

There is a new version of Active Virus Shield available that finally supports Vista. I had been saying for awhile that when a Vista-compatible version came around that I would be jumping all over it, and immediately after finding out about this I had it installed on my computer.

I checked out the Active Virus Shield website, and it doesn’t appear that the new version has been posted there nor does it say that it is compatible with Vista. However, I had previously tried the version of Active Virus Shield that they have posted and Vista starts up with a blue screen of death every time. With this new version, which appears to be different than the one on the official site, it works perfectly.

Now I’m just sitting here waiting for my free activation code to reach my email. I would have thought the email would be sent instantaneously, but leave it to AOL to keep me waiting. You don’t need the activation code to complete the installation process, but it is needed if you want to do any updates, so I highly recommend that you hold out on installing Active Virus Shield until you get your activation code. Otherwise you are leaving your computer vulnerable.

Even though Kaspersky (which powers Active Virus Shield) didn’t do so well in the Retrospective tests, it did knock the others out of the park for the general detection tests based on virus definitions. So in my opinion, for what that’s worth, this is the best free antivirus solution available.

Download from our Mirror or from Softpedia [via Neowin]

Thanks for the tip XPGeek!